Piano, Guitar, Bass

I have been a musician for 14 years, and am proficient in piano, trumpet, guitar, and bass guitar technique and performance. I began my study of piano in the 1st grade and was educated through the Macon Music Teachers’ Association. Under the instruction of Cindy Feagin at Mikado Music Academy, I was taught a great deal of classical repertoire and given a deep understanding of music theory. I became a part of the Gateway Fellowship Church of God worship band in 2009, playing keyboard under the leadership and tutelage of Pastor Alan Smith, and was moved to bass guitar in 2010 when the former bassist retired from his position. During my time at this church, I also led the music for and played guitar in the Gateway Fellowship youth band. I held these positions until June of 2016, when I resigned to play piano for Bread of Life Church of God. A few months after my arrival at this church, I was given the position as Music Minister, which I currently hold. My responsibilities include arranging the music for both Sunday morning and Wednesday night worship, balancing and incorporating a diverse repertoire of both new and old music, conducting the choir and holding weekly practices to introduce new material and improve performance quality, adapting the music of choice to the needs and constraints of the singers, myself, and the desires of my pastor and his staff, and leading the music from the piano. 
I have also held numerous other positions as a musician, both in administration and performance. I was a member of every level of
the Central Fellowship Christian Academy Concert and Pep bands from 2006 to 2015, and held the position of 1st chair Trumpeter from 2012 to 2015. I received the Director’s Award for every school band in which I played. I led the Central Fellowship chapel band, playing guitar, arranging the music, and handling the induction of new members. I represented the North Georgia conference of the Church of God as State Champion at the Teen Talent International competition for three consecutive seasons. I have also provided volunteer music services for Zebulon Park Health and Rehabilitation.
I am well-versed in sheet-music notation, chord charts, and tablature. I have performed repertoire ranging from the Mid-1600’s to the modern day, and have a great deal of knowledge with regard to music history, music theory, and performance. I am presently in study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance, pursuant to a Master’s Degree in the same field, at Mercer University. 
Music is my passion. I hope to help the same passion grow in you!